Wiping an On-Premises Linux Collector's Data

In cases where the Collector’s state becomes unresponsive due to existing data processing issues, OverOps has implemented an option to wipe the Collector’s data without losing the Collector's existing configuration. You'll need to make sure you have root or sudo permissions on the machine running the Collector.

To wipe the current Collector's work data, use the OverOps script in one of the following ways:

  • To wipe data from an unresponsive Collector - use the script takipi-wipe-data
  • To add the data wipe during a Collector upgrade or installation - run the installer and add the flag --wipe to apply the data wipe to the new/upgraded Collector.

Before running the script, make sure that the Collector process is stopped (see Stopping and Restarting the OverOps Collector) and after the work data is wiped successfully, remember to restart the Collector.

The script deletes the work, logs/agents* folders and moves /opt/takipi/log/bugtale_service.log to /opt/takipi/bugtale_service.log.old.



When using the option to wipe Collector data, remember to use the same installation key or installation token (in Multi-Environment Collector installations) you used in the initial installation.