Install a .NET Micro-Agent Using the Azure App Service

OverOps provides an Azure installation package to install the .NET Agent on Azure App Services. The package is available on NuGet.


Before you begin, make sure you've already installed a Collector by following the instructions in the Install a Collector for .NET article. This Collector should then be accessible from the Azure App Service.



For .Net Framework, only version 4 and above are supported.
For .Net core, only version 2.0 and above are supported.

Installing the OverOps NuGet Package

To add the OverOps’ .NET agent to an application that's running on Azure App Services, you'll need to install the Agent in the same way you install other NuGet packages.

  1. In the Package Manager Console: Install-Package Overops
  2. Using the dotnet CLI: dotnet add package Overops.
  3. In Visual Studio: search for ‘OverOps’ and install the OverOps package in your solution.

After adding the OverOps NuGet package, publish your application to Azure App Services.

Configuring the Azure App Service to Load the OverOps Agent

  1. In the Azure App Service dashboard, choose Configuration and add the following environment variables:

For .NET Framework applications:

Environment VariableValue
(other configurations, separated by commas)

For .NET Core applications:

Environment VariableValue
(other configurations, separated by commas)
  1. When done, restart the App Service.


Using Single Variables

You may find that using TAKIPI single variables is a better option because they're easier to edit and automate in Pipelines.