Variable Store Data Backup

OverOps recommends setting up recurring backup of the storage data to a remote location immediately after finishing the installation process. By default, data is stored in the /opt/takipi-storage/storage directory or configured in the settings.yml file. All the files in the data layer are immutable, therefore backup can be run regardless of the Storage Server (aka Variable Store) activity. The backup procedure serves two different purposes: secure the data on a secondary server, or provide redundancy in case of a main Variable Store failover. Instructions below assume neither, for more information contact your support team.

To set up recurring backup:

  1. From the Variable Store terminal, run:
    crontab -e + 0 * * * * rsync -av -e ssh <PATH_TO_STORAGE_DIRECTORY> <USER>@<BACKUP_SERVER_IP>


  • crontab -e + 0 * * * * - indicates that the command is run hourly.
  • <USER>@<BACKUP_SERVER_IP>``` - indicates the backup server to which the content is synced.


The main Variable Store requires SSH access to the backup server. Refer to the relevant rsync man page for further enhancements and troubleshooting.


crontab -e 0 * * * * rsync -av -e ssh /opt/takipi-storage/storage [email protected]