Install a Java Micro-Agent on Linux

For security reasons, the OverOps Agent can be installed without root access.

Download the Micro-Agent Installation File


If You're Using AIX

Download the Micro-Agent installation as follows:
wget --content-disposition

SaaS Deployment

  1. From this location download the Micro-Agent installation TAR file using the following format:
    wget --content-disposition
  2. Extract files to your working folder.
    A 'takipi' folder is created.

On-Premises Deployment

  1. From the On-Premises server, download the Micro-Agent installation TAR file.
    wget -O takipi.tar.gz "$TAKIPI_HOST:8080/app/download?t=sa-tgz"
  2. Extract files to your working folder.
    tar xvf takipi.tar.gz -C <PATH_TO_AGENT_DIR>
    A 'takipi' folder is created.


OverOps supports different types of installations to download:

?t=sa-tgz Downloads the Micro-Agent-specific tarball only (without the Collector files)
?t=tgz Downloads the full OverOps tarball (Collector and Micro-Agent)

Configure the File

  1. Go to the directory of the Takipi folder on the machine (where you installed OverOps).
    If the file doesn't already exist, then copy the file to
  1. Open the file and set the following parameters:
  • the machine name, this is usually the output of echo hostname.
  • the Collector host.
  • takipi.collector.port: the Collector port.

Start Your Application

Start your application with -agentpath option:
java -agentpath:<TAKIPI_HOME>/lib/ -jar sample.jar arg1