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What's New in 4.70

Version 4.70 - November 2022


  • Startup files now rollover with the use of an agent property: takipi.startup.log.limit=[# of bytes per log file]
    - Specify the number of bytes that should be used for the log file
  • Added ability to record every snapshot for a given event.
    - Will need to use the following parameter in the file: takipi.neo.hashed.locals=full.package.Class1[method1_name:local_name,...,methodN_name:local_name],...,full.package.ClassN[method1_name:local_name,...,methodN_name:local_name]
  • Fixed bugs that caused specific JVM fatal crashes by the agent (hotfix added in v4.70.1).


  • Added Source Attach support for Kotlin-based code


  • Provide the ability to disable Load Source Code upload link on ARC screen (On-Prem feature).
  • Enhanced CSP Support.
  • Updated SSO logout screen (On-Prem feature).
  • Added feature to update external OverOps-embedded links from OverOps dashboard (On-Prem feature).
  • Added feature to cause session timeout due to inactivity (On-Prem feature).


  • Resolved the Apache Commons Text Vulnerability (CVE-2022-42889)