What's New in 4.58

An issue detected in release 4.47 related to the secure communication update introduced in this release may cause a stability issue with the Collector. Therefore, we recommend updating your solution to the latest (at least 4.48 or above) version as soon as possible.

Security Updates

The 4.53.x and newer releases includes several important security enhancements and security vulnerabilities fixes related to SAML integration. Customers using SAML and SSO to authenticate & authorize need to take several actions when upgrading the backend with any of these releases, while SaaS customers are required to contact our Support to review and update their SAML settings.
For more information on the specific updates and required steps read here.

4.58 Feb 28, 2021



  • Improve performance by improving queues management and avoiding queues bottleneck.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix endless loading of dashboard events, when a database row is corrupted.

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What's New in 4.58

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