Attach the Java Micro-Agent


When the Micro-Agent installation completes, the final step is to attach the Java Micro-Agent to your JVM/application.

Attaching the Micro-Agent can be done using a number of options, depending on whether your JVMs are running inside a container (Docker or Kubernetes) or not.

For all attachments, remember that for the Micro-Agent ranking, make sure that the OverOps Micro-Agent is the last -agentlib or -agentpath argument in your argument list if you are using any other agents with your application in addition to OverOps.


If you're attaching the OverOps Micro-Agent to an environment that's running Java 10 or 11 or any IBM Java version, please follow these guidelines:

When attaching an OverOps Agent to a JVM that is running Java 10, 11, 16, or 17 or any IBM java versions, follow these guidelines:

  1. Turn off Class Sharing: This can be done using the following flags:
    for IBM Java
    for HotSpot
    -Xshare:off -XX:-UseTypeSpeculation

  2. Increase ReservedCodeCache to at least 512mb by adding the following flag

  3. The Agent should appear last in the VM arguments list before specifying the main class or jar.

  4. When adding/removing 3rd party packages, the Agent should be restarted.

Additionally, if you wish to upgrade your own compiler to target Java 10/11/16/17, then you'll have to upgrade your Collector (SaaS) or Collector + backend (On-Premises) to support it.


AIX - Statistic Overhead and Performance

When running on an AIX system please add the following parameter to reduce the Statistics Overhead and increase performance
Details can be found in the Micro-Agent Properties

For example path: ../jre/bin/java binary

Framework/Plugin List