Upgrade the Variable Store



When upgrading to the latest Variable Store Java 1.8 is required!

  1. Shut down the Variable Store: sudo service takipi-storage stop
  2. Make a backup of the Variable Store: change to the takipi-storage directory and tar the directory:
    tar -zcvf takipi-storage.tar.gz /opt/takipi-storage.
  3. Make a backup of the settings.yml: copy the settings.yml to settings.yml.old
    cp /opt/takipi-storage/settings.yml settings.yml.old
  4. From the following URL, download the latest Variable Store installation file:
  5. Extract the files to your typically /opt:
    sudo tar xvf takipi-storage-latest.tar.gz -C /opt
  6. Merge any new parameters as needed for settings.yml.old + /opt/takipi-storage/settings.yml into settings.yml.new.
  7. Copy the new configuration to the new installation:
    cp settings.yml.new /opt/takipi-storage/settings.yml
    8.. Optional: Verify that your SSL certificate information is in the settings.yml file. if you have HTTPS enabled, validate the following:
  • keystore file (takipi-storage.jks - name might differ)
  • certificate (takipi-storage-certificate.pem - name might differ)
    are in the /opt/takipi-storage folder. If not, copy them from your back-up back into /opt/takipi-storage.
  1. Start the Variable Store:
    sudo service takipi-storage start

Remember to watch the logs for any warnings or errors.
10. Verify the installation by following this article: Verifying Storage Server Installation.
11. Restart the Collectors and the applications attached to the Micro-Agents and verify functionality.