CI/CD Pipeline Integrations


The OverOps integration with CI/CD pipeline tools (e.g., Jenkins, TeamCity) enables application owners, DevOps engineers, and SREs to determine the quality of their code before promoting the code into production. These plugins enforce the Quality Gates detailed below, and provide a Reliability Report that indicates if the build is stable or unstable. If unstable, the report details the specific errors that violate the Quality Gates and cause the build to fail. Working with the OverOps CI/CD pipeline plugin is usually done during the QA phase, and in some cases, during staging.

The top of the OverOps Quality Report displays a summary that shows the quality gate, its status (passed/failed), and the total for four quality gates: New, Resurfaced, Critical, and Increasing:


OverOps Quality Report


Connecting the CI/CD Plugin

To connect the CI/CD Plugin, when attaching the OverOps Agent, you'll need to refer to the relevant information in Agent Properties, which is required for connecting CI/CD plugins with the OverOps API.

Integrating OverOps with CI/CD Pipeline Tools

This section details the information and steps that are relevant to all CI/CD integrations; the individual steps for installing and configuring each tool (on the tool-side) can be found in their GitHub repository README pages.