Install a Collector in Docker


The OverOps Collector can be made available to other containers via networking. In this section, we'll run the Collector locally, binding to port 6060 on the host machine. The installation key and configuration files are mounted into the container from the host machine.

Verify that Java is installed before you begin the Collector installation.

Run the Collector



Get the Overops/Collector from Docker Hub.

  1. Create a private folder.



The private folder needs to be on the same directory from which you run the docker commands or the path to the private folder needs to be explicitly provided in the docker command arguments.

  1. In the private folder, create the file installation.key that contains your installation key.
  2. In the private folder, create the file based on the following template.
    You can find additional templates in GitHub.




Are you running OverOps Server On-Premises? Set takipi.backend.url and to point to your On-Premises installation.

  1. Run the overops/collector container.



Run from directory that contains the private directory, otherwise you'll get an error response: invalid mount config for type "bind": source path does not exist: /private/private

docker run -d -p 6060:6060 \
--mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)"/private,target=/opt/takipi/private overops/collector
  1. Verify connectivity on in your browser.