Installation Key Modifications - for On-Premises

Changing an Environment Name

  1. In the OverOps dashboard click Settings.

This opens the Environments window.
3. In the Environments window, click the Environment Name and type in the new name.

  1. When finished, press Enter to save your changes.

Transferring Ownership of a Key

To change the owner of a key:

  1. From the <ONPREM_HOME>/bin directory, run following script: admin-cli transfer_ownership_of_service <KEY_ID> <NEW_OWNER_EMAIL>

The expected output is:

Transfer of ownership of service <SERVICE_ID> to user <NEW_OWNER_EMAIL> succeeded


The SERVICE_ID refers to the first couple characters of your environment license key.
In the screenshot above reflected by the strings
S36404 or
S37458 or