On-Premises Installation


In an On-Premises deployment, all OverOps logical components - Micro-Agent, Collector, Variable Store and Continuous Reliability (CR) Server - must be installed and configured. Therefore, in addition to the Collector(s) and Micro-Agent(s), you'll also need to install the CR Server and the Variable Store components.




Verify that you have a JDK/JRE installed before beginning this installation. Refer to the OverOps Installation Prerequisites for additional requirements.

On-Premises Installation Procedure

The installation procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Install the CR Server
  2. Install a Collector
  3. Install an Micro-Agent
  4. Attach the Micro-Agent and verify the connection.



The default user created upon a new installation is [email protected]; this user is the owner of the default key: S1.