Manage Event Visibility/Hide Events


Some events that occur in your system are insignificant or known issues while some are already resolved. OverOps enables you to hide events like these from the views, alerts and dashboards to reduce noise.

When you identify a minor or known issue, there are different ways to manage that event's visibility, such as remove it (hide it) from the Dashboard. You can also restore hidden events at any time.



When events are hidden (or restored), the action applies to the entire environment (i.e., the current environment). Hiding/restoring never applies only to an individual user - always to the environment.

To hide an event from the Dashboard:

  • From the Dashboard, hover over the event and click Hide.
  • From the Dashboard, click the event, and then from the ARC screen, click Hide.

Hide Event

When an event is hidden, future instances of it will not be visible in the Dashboard. It will not apply to future alerts, and it is not counted for reporting, e.g., in the Reliability Dashboards.


Hiding events manually is not always sufficient to reduce the noise. Auto-Hide enables you to set view-based rules to automatically hide events according to defined filters.



Auto-Hide can't be applied to existing Views, since it excludes events that match the filters from displaying them in the Dashboard. Therefore, you must define a new view that defines the filtering rules to be applied to Auto-Hide.

To set Auto-Hide rules, define a new set of filters in a new view. The number of rules and the number of filters in each rule is unlimited.

To set an Auto-Hide rule:

  1. From the Dashboard, in the column heading, click the icon and choose the filters. You can add any number of filters available.
  2. Click Hide.



Auto-Hide dialog box

  1. From the Auto-Hide Settings dialog box, View Settings tab, fill in the Auto-Hide name and description (optional).
  2. Share this view with teammates is a required setting and cannot be changed. Click Next.

Auto-Hide Settings

  1. From the Auto-Hide Settings tab, turn off Hide existing events in addition to future events to hide previous instances of this event (optional) and click Save & Finish.

Restoring Hidden Errors

To restore events:

  1. In the dashboard, from the Views pane, click Show more.
  2. In the list, click Hidden and then click Hidden Events.
    The hidden event list is displayed in the Dashboard.
  3. In the Hidden events list, hover over the event to restore and click  Restore.
    The event is moved back to the Dashboard.

Hidden Events

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