Installing the Reliability Dashboards

Grafana Configuration

Download and Install Grafana

  1. Download Grafana as follows:
  1. Extract the Grafana tar file to the installation location. In this case we are installing it in /opt:
sudo tar -xzvf grafana-5.3.4.linux-amd64.tar.gz -C /opt
  1. Create a logical link to the file:
sudo ln -s /opt/grafana-5.3.4 grafana

Install the OverOps Influx Grafana Component

  1. Download the OverOps Influx backend:
  1. Extract the content from the
jar xf
  1. Copy the influx Grafana component to your Grafana installation directory, in this case, located in /opt:
sudo cp -rf overops-influx-backend-master/grafana/. /opt/grafana/.
  1. Remove the component since it's no longer needed:
rm -rf overops-influx-backend-master/
  1. Create the required data directories and subdirectories:
$ cd /opt/grafana
$ mkdir -p data/plugins
$ mkdir -p data/log
  1. Download the boomtable panels plugin:
wget -O

and unzip into Grafana:

sudo unzip -d /opt/grafana/data/plugins 
  1. Back up the configurations: before making changes to the configuration files, make a backup of the folder:
sudo cp -rf /opt/grafana/conf/ /opt/grafana/conf_bak
  1. Change the configuration for your OverOps Analytics-server installation: validate and replace if required the Grafana install path in the grafana-5.3.4/conf/provisioning/dashboard/oo.yaml file.

In this case, Grafana is installed in /opt:

  1. Replace the URL for the datasource API: validate and replace if required the TAKIPI_API_URL in the `grafana-5.3.4/conf/provisioning/datasource/oo.yaml.




If Grafana is installed on the same server as the OverOps Analytics Server, the TAKIPI_API_URL can point to localhost

  1. Replace the root_url for Grafana: validate and replace if required the Takipi_host_url in the
    grafana-5.3.4/conf/custom.ini file.
  1. Replace the apiHost and apiPort variables with your on-Premises FrontURL and Port for all JSON files in the folder conf/provisioning/dashboards/overops
sudo sed -e "s|//\$apiHost:\$apiPort|<ON-PREMISES-FRONTURL|g" -i conf/provisioning/dashboards/overops/*.json


sudo sed -e "s|//\$apiHost:\$apiPort||g" -i conf/provisioning/dashboards/overops/*.json

Start Grafana

  1. To start Grafana, follow the steps below.



Verify that the OverOps Analysis Server is running when you start Grafana.

cd /opt/grafana

# to start use
# the /dev/null redirection is only after test is ok and check that logs are written in /opt/grafana/data/log
$ nohup ./bin/grafana-server web > /dev/null 2>&1 &


Verify that Grafana is Running

ps -efa | grep grafana-server | grep -v grep


Stopping Grafana

pkill -9 grafana-server

Enable Grafana in the Analytics Server

  1. Add the Grafana dashboard switch to the file.

The file is located in /takipi-server/conf.tomcat.shared

  1. Restart the OverOps Analytics Server:
sudo ./takipi-server/bin/ stop
sudo ./takipi-server/bin/ -u <HOSTNAME_URL> --frontend-url <FRONTEND_URL> start


sudo ./takipi-server/bin/ -u --frontend-url start