Email Configuration for the Analysis Server (Continuous Reliability Server) - On-Premises


OverOps can be configured to send emails to users for various purposes, such as for sending alerts, for resetting passwords, or for inviting new users to connect. For the OverOps server to send emails, the SMTP email service must be configured properly on the server.

In the case of SaaS or Hybrid deployments, this is taken care of automatically by OverOps as part of the hosted service, so no further configuration is required.

In the case of On-Premises deployments, the following configuration steps must be carried out.

SMTP Service Setup

To configure the SMTP service with the On-Premises installation, there are two files that need to be edited with the proper configuration settings:

  • This file contains user authentication settings (username / password) for cases where authentication to the SMTP server is required.
  • This file contains the detailed settings for the smtp server, e.g., server name, port, etc.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Edit the //takipi-server/conf/tomcat/shared/ file, containing the credentials of the user to send emails. Uncomment the fields and provided valid values.

The fields should be completed as follows:


SMTP_SERVER_USERNAME=[email protected]
Leave blank in the case that the SMTP server does not require user authentication. This will also be reflected in a setting in the file.

If the SMTP server requires user authentication, then this is the username required for authentication and which will be the sender of the emails. For example you may create an OverOps service ID called "noreply@<YOUR_DOMAIN>.com", or it may be the username of the OverOps administrator. It must be a valid username known to the SMTP server.

Leave blank in the case that the SMTP server does not require user authentication.

If the SMTP server requires user authentication, this will be the password for the username provided in the SMTP_SERVER_USERNAME field above.

SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS=[email protected]
Leave blank in the case that user authentication is required by the SMTP server, and the username and password fields have been set. the from-address for the OverOps emails will be the provided username.

If the SMTP server does not require user authentication, then you can provide any string here which will be shown as the From Address for emails sent by OverOps. A common string here would be "noreply@<YOUR_DOMAIN>.com.



If user authentication is required and a password is given, you will want to ensure that only the admin or service account that runs the OverOps server has read access to the file.

After entering the credentials and saving the file, change the file permissions to -rw------- (600), with the file owned by the userid that runs

For example, if running under root or sudo, then change the file permissions as follows:

sudo chown root:root
sudo chmod 600

  1. Next, edit the //takipi-server/conf/tomcat/shared/ file. This file contains the settings specific to the SMTP server that will be used by OverOps. These settings can be provided by your local email administrator.
mail.smtp.auth=<true | false>
mail.smtp.starttls.enable=<true | false>

The fields should be completed as follows:

mail.transport.protocolsmtpsmtpMust have this value only
mail.smtp.hostThe host name of your SMTP serverlocalhost
mail.smtp.portThe port on which the smtp server is listening for outgoing email requests.25
These are common smtp port numbers, but the actual port number should be confirmed by your email administrator.
mail.smtp.authtrue or falsetrue
True indicates that the SMTP server requires user authentication. In this case, the file should have been configured above with values USERNAME and PASSWORD.

If false, then authentication is not required. In this case, the file should have been configured with a value for SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS.
mail.smtp.starttle.enabletrue or falsetrue
True indicates that there should be a TLS connection to the SMTP server if TLS is enabled on the server.



Set your mail SMTP server and make sure there is no space after the email hostname in the file, as this may cause an unknown host exception!


Verify that the values for mail.smtp.auth and mail.smtp.starttls.enable match your SMTP server settings. These can be obtained from your email administrator.

  1. Restart the OverOps Server:
    ./<install-folder>/takipi-server/bin/ stop​
    ./<install-folder>/takipi-server/bin/ start

  2. Start using email services for alerts and new users.