Upgrade the Java & .NET Micro-Agent for Windows

To upgrade your Windows Micro-Agent using the Installer

  1. Get the latest download version for Windows from the download link.
  2. Run the Windows installer for Java or .NET using the following instructions:

Quick upgrade your Windows Micro-Agent (For Remote Collector configuration only)
This will be done by replacing the takipi folder on your machine with the same folder for the new version.

  1. Download the latest zip from here
  2. Stop IIS / any other monitored application
  3. Extract the zip over the takipi folder
  4. Restart IIS / any other monitored application



If you're upgrading .NET from a version prior to 4.48, you'll need to perform a full uninstall and then reinstall of the new version for any version prior to release 4.48. This limitation is true for any upgrade from any version prior to 4.48 to any version from 4.48 and later.