Super Admin Role for On-Premises Deployments

Super Admin Role for On-Premises Deployments

The Super Admin role (available only in On-Premises deployments) creates a user that has the permission to upload global user defined functions (UDFs).

To support this new role, a new set of admin-cli commands have been added to the solution:

./ admin-cli LIST_SUPER_ADMINS
./ admin-cli SET_SUPER_ADMIN <[email protected]>
./ admin-cli UNSET_SUPER_ADMIN <[email protected]>

Super Admin Role for Creating an Installation Token for Multi-Environment Collectors

Super admins can also use the following admin-cli command to generate an installation token for Multi-Environment Collectors (MEC). This provides you with more granular control over the MEC environments list.

Use the following syntax:

`/opt/takipi-server/bin/ admin-cli install_token <username> <main_env_id> "list of services"

Note that the services should be added between quotation marks and separated by semicolons without spaces, for example:

/opt/takipi-server/bin/ admin-cli install_token [email protected] S2 "S2;S3;S4"