Install a Java Micro-Agent


If you’ve reached this page from the OverOps application, there are two possibilities:

  • You don’t have an Micro-Agent installed - proceed with the selections below.
  • You have a Micro-Agent installed and want to attach it to the JVM. In this case, skip this step and go directly to the Attach the Micro-Agent step.

Java Micro-Agent Installation Options

You can install the Java Micro-Agent using one of the following options:
Install a Java Micro-Agent on Linux
Install a Java Micro-Agent on Windows

Note that the macOS Collector and Micro-Agent do not support installation on two separate machines and are not intended for production installation. However, if you want to install the Micro-Agent on macOS in SaaS mode for a quick demo installation (for example on your personal laptop), refer to the article Install a Local macOS Collector and Java Micro-Agent.