Collector High Availability

OverOps has the capability by using Nginx to build a Load Balancer solution for the Collectors and provide High Availability. This article explains how to configure high-availability and load balancing in SaaS and On-Premises Data installations.

Configuring Collector High-Availability

OverOps supports multiple Collectors that can be configured for high-availability and/or for load balancing. For high-availability, traffic is routed as round-robin according to the master endpoint configuration, as described below. For load balancing, routing depends on the load-balancer policy settings.


Collector high-availability is not supported on macOS.

To configure Collector high-availability:

  1. From the Agent, open the file and add the Collector Endpoints:
  2. Remove and takipi.collector.port from the properties file.
  3. Save and close the properties file.
  4. Restart your application

Load Balancing

OverOps also supports the configuration of load balancers for multiple OverOps Collectors.


Best Practice

Refer to the best practice article AWS Load-Balancing with Auto-Scale for a sample load balancing solution.