Command Line Arguments for On-Premises (Docker) Server

The list below includes useful Command Line arguments to be used for the On-Premises (Docker) server:

Usage: ./ [start/stop/restart/oneliner/config/admin-cli/cleanup] [options]
  -v --verbose                 Enable verbose logging                                                 
  -h --help                    Print this usage                                                       
  -u --host-url                The host name or IP address of the server                              
     --external-storage-url    External storage URL, usually used for multi-node or TLS proxy support 
     --catalina-opts           JVM arguments for Tomcat                                               
     --dynalite-opts           Command line options for Dynalite                                      
     --master-port             The port number for the main server                (default: 8080)
     --dynalite-port           The port number for Dynalite                       (default: 4567)
     --thread-pool-size        The number of threads used for event processing    (default: Calculated)
     --dynamite-count          Number of Dynamite processes                       (default: Calculated)
     --db-connection-pool-size Connection pool size of the DB component           (default: Calculated)
     --frontend-url            Server name to be used for WEB UI                 
     --skip-resource-validation Skip minimal resources validation (disk space, etc.)	Add this flag to CATALINA_OPTS in <tomcat home>/bin/ or to CATALINA_OPTS / JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS If you're using several logging frameworks for different applications within the same web container. This flag should be used with caution and only when the default behavior doesn’t work - the flag is not intended as a best practice. Before using the flag, make sure an engineer looks at the Agent logs to validate that this is indeed the issue.
  Memory configurations: 
     --skip-heap-calc          Skip Java heap calculation for all processes
     --memory-usage-percent    Total memory to be used by the Server (default: 60% of the RAM)
  DB configuration 
     --db-type            RDBMS type (mysql, h2 or postgresql)               (default: h2 unless --db-url specified)
  H2 parameters: (used if --db-type h2 specified) 
     --h2-stats-port      The port number for the stats server               (default: 5000)
     --h2-db-port         The port number for the db server                  (default: 5001)
     --h2-queue-port      The port number for Queue DB backend               (default: 5002)
     --h2-pds-port        The port number for PDS DB backend                 (default: 5003)
  Postgres/Mysql parameters: (used if --db-type mysql/postgresql specified) 
     --db-url             JDBC URL of rds server                             (default: )
     --db-user            User for rds server                                (default: )
     --db-password        Password for rds server                            (default: )

  Starting the server
        ./ -u 123.456.789.0 start

  Stopping the server
        ./ stop

  Print the daemons install command
        ./ oneliner
  Cleanup H2 snapshot data
        ./ cleanup h2
  Cleanup H2 metric data
        ./ cleanup stats


config command

When running the script with the config command it performs all the same functions as the start command but without actually starting the server.