Variable Store Cleanup to Free up Space

Cleanup Tasks

OverOps enables On-Premises Data clients to free up space by running a periodic cleanup task to remove events older than the defined period from the Storage Server (aka Variable Store). This function is only available for On-Premises Data deployments running Variable Store 2.0 and above.

This settings do not apply when your storage is pointing to Amazon's S3. Variable Store clean-up tasks are then managed through S3 policies.

Cleanup is enabled by default. If turned off, you can enable it as follows:

  1. From the <HYBRID_STORAGE> directory, open the settings.yml file and set the
    following parameters:
    cleanupJobEnabled: true
  2. Set the cleanup interval (the default is 6 hours):
        cleanup: 6h
    Examples for time units:
    15h - 15 hours
    5d - 5 days
  3. Set the retention period: The number of days after which events last seen are to be deleted (default is 92).
    retentionPeriodDays: 92
  4. Define the system health threshold, between 0-1, (default is 0.90 =90%):
    maxUsedStoragePercentage: 0.90
  5. Save and close the settings.yml file and then restart the Variable Store.


When the Collector is restarted the counters are reset!

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Variable Store Cleanup to Free up Space

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