Trend Dashboard

The Trend dashboard provides a helicopter view of environment reliability across two different dimensions: deployment and application, providing an overview of the reliability trend across apps and deployments within the selected environment(s). This dashboard allows you to watch and analyze trends over time and perform a comparison between different applications and deployments to understand whether the reliability improves or decreases over time.


Trend dashboard

Trend KPIs

The KPIs dropdown at the top bar allows to select the desired promotion gate for display. The following options are provided:

  • New Errors
  • Severe New Errors
  • Error Increases
  • Severe Error Increases
  • Slowdowns
  • Severe Slowdowns
  • Error Volume
  • Error Count
  • Error Rate
  • Score

When selecting a group of apps and/or deployments and a promotion gate, the dashboard provides the charts that allow comparison between the selected apps/deployments and trend analysis.

Usage Example - Selects last 3 major versions and compare the results of each quality gate between them.

Reliability Score Drill Down

The bottom tables are a drill down of the reliability scores of each selected application/deployment.


Reliability Trends Dashboard JSON Model

Customize the dashboard, or integrate any of the widgets in it into your grafana using the Grafana JSON Model of this dashboard.


OverOps Reliability Dashboards Walkthrough

Click here for a visual overview of the OverOps dashboards, and the way they all connect to provide QA, DevOps and SRE teams a complete picture of application reliability across multiple environments.