.NET Micro-Agent Compatibility and Requirements

This article lists the technologies (third-party software and tools and their versions) that can be used with the OverOps Micro-Agent. This list changes, so check back to see what's changed.

Operating Systems

The OverOps .NET Micro-Agent is a agent that can be installed on Windows operating systems and frameworks (although all OSs must be 64-bit).

This section lists the supported operating systems and new ones are added on a regular basis.

Operating SystemSupported Web ServersNotes
Server versions:
Windows Server 2012 and later

Personal computer versions:
Windows 8.1 and later
IIS: 8.0 and on
IIS Express: 7.5 and on


The target framework is decided during compilation. To check the .NET version running on your computer use this link.

.NET Framework: 2.0 to 4.8To load the Micro-Agent on the Azure App Service you'll need .NET Framework 4.0 and above.
.NET Core: 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 3.0, 3.1, 5Tiered Compilation is supported from version 4.50 and up.

In previous versions this functionality should be disabled; because this functionality is enabled in .NET Core 3.0 by default, you'll need to disable it by setting the environment variable COMPlus_TieredCompilation=0 or any other method you prefer.

Programming Languages

The OverOps .NET Agent supports C# as a programming language.

Cloud Services

Cloud ServiceNotes
Azure VMAzure VM works with the Windows versions you use; see supported Windows versions above for details.
Azure App ServiceTo install the .NET Agent into Azure App Service, use the NuGet Package. Refer to the article Installing .NET Agent on Azure App Service for details.

To learn more about Azure App Service, check out this article from Microsoft.

See also Install a .NET Micro-Agent Using the Azure App Service for additional information.

Note: The Azure App Service for the .NET Agent is not available for local Collectors.
Windows ContainersNot supported
Service FabricNot supported

Additional .NET Agent Requirements

Windows Trust Level

OverOps requires full trust to operate properly. Windows provides every .NET application with a trust level, and by default, the desktop application has full trust level. In IIS, the user can define the trust level for every web application.

Security Attributes

To allow OverOps to perform instrumentation, code should not be transparent, therefore, security attributes in your code that make your code transparent. (such as SecurityCritical, SecurityTransparent, AllowPartialTrustCaller, etc.) are not supported.

Compilation Platforms

The .NET Agent supports only 64-bit compilation.

PDB File Location

The Program Database (PDB) files store the information that allows to debug an application. This information will be necessary to obtain the symbol table to allow the proper display of variable names.

Ngen/Other Optimizations

The OverOps .NET Agent doesn't support Ngen or other optimization tools, because we won’t be able to produce data if Ngen or any other ahead-of-time compilation tool is in use.