On-Premises - Data Retention and Archiving

Data Retention

OverOps retains Snapshot and Metric information for the below listed times.

Snapshot Data

Snapshot data is retained for 90 Days and automatically purged.

The retention period for Snapshot data is configurable in the <TAKIPI-HOME>/conf/tomcat/shared/ file.
Add the following property and update accordingly.


Making changes to this property requires a restart of the server!

Metric Data

Metric data refers to the event data shown in the OverOps Graph View over a specific period of time.
The Metrics referred to below, refer to the granularity when drilling into the graphs based on your event time periods defined and the relevant retention period of that data before being purged.

Retention Period

1 Min Interval Data

7 Days

5 Min Interval Data

21 Days

60 Min Interval Data

42 Days

48 Hours Interval Data

90 Days

Metric information is purged:

  • automatically for On-Premises deployments on MySQL.
  • manually for On-Premises deployments on H2 via cleanup command
    The Server needs to be shutdown while running the cleanup process below!

    Cleanup H2 snapshot data
          ./ cleanup h2
    Cleanup H2 metric data
          ./ cleanup stats
  • manually for On-Premises deployments on Postgres via custom script.
    Contact OverOps Support for details.

Archiving Collector Logs

The takipi-server automatically archives the Collector logs to the server before the collector log rolls over.

These files can be found under the directory sub structures located in

The files look similar to this example:

It is safe to delete these files to conserve disk space.

Best Practice

See also our related best practice: Data Retention Policies (On-Premises backend only).

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On-Premises - Data Retention and Archiving

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