Upgrade the On-Premises CR Server

To upgrade the On-Premises Continuous Reliability (CR) Server (Backend):

  1. Download the latest tarball for the version you have installed.



Container Images

For our official container images, please visit https://hub.docker.com/u/overops

  1. Take Backups of
  • bin/server-envs.sh

  • conf/tomcat/shared/*

    DB Drivers
    Make a backup of your DB drivers which would be located in

  1. Stop the collector(s).
  2. Stop the OverOps backend
  3. Check which services are currently running and then stop the server using



OverOps is by default installed in

./takipi-server.sh stop
  1. Verify that all OverOps related services (JVMs), such as Dynalite, H2, Tomcat, etc., are stopped.



If you're using a database like MySql or Postgres H2 will not be running.



If you're using a database like MySql or Oracle install updated JDBC drivers.
Instructions to install JDBC drivers here

  1. Make a backup of the server directory.

  2. Remove the content of the following directory to ensure the lastest JAR files are loaded

rm <TAKIPI_SERVER_HOME>/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/lib/*
  1. Untar the new version over the old one.
    The command below assumes that the takipi-server is installed in the
    /opt directory.
tar -zxvf takipi-server-java.tar.gz -C /opt



Verify that you're not extracting the tar into /opt/takipi-server but actually overwriting takipi-server by extracting to /opt.
You might want to extract the tar first to a tmp folder.


Owner and Permissions

Ensure that the Owner and Permissions are set correctly

  1. Copy your database drivers back into the ROOT/WEB-INF/lib directory above
    The drivers are typically named as follows:
  1. Optional Compare the differences between your backup and the new files in the conf directory ( smtp.properties, smtpserver.properties, etc.).
  2. Start the OverOps backend.


Upgrading from a Version Prior to V4.31

MySQL SSL data connections
Data connections to MySQL via SSL are enabled by default starting with Version 4.31.
If you have not enabled SSL for MySQL in your previous version you will need to disable SSL data connections for MySQL.
To disable data connections via SSL add the --no-db-ssl startup argument flag to the takipi-server startup.
This will update the configuration file and make SSL disabled persistent for future server restarts. To enable SSL use the --db-ssl flag to turn SSL on.

The options:

--db-ssl       to enable
--no-db-ssl    to disable

./takipi-server.sh start -u <The host name or IP address of the server> --db-no-ssl

./takipi-server.sh start -u <The host name or IP address of the server>

  1. Validate that the backend comes up and that you can log in to your server.
  2. Start the collectors.
  3. Validate and test that your backend is processing data correctly.