Add Alerts


The Views pane provides a simple way to create alerts and integrate them into your workflow. OverOps sends alerts whenever new events occur or when an event exceeds the configured threshold in any of the Views (default or custom).

Adding Alerts

  1. From the Views pane, hover over the relevant View and click the action icon:
  1. From the popup menu, select Add Alerts.
    The Alert Settings dialog box opens.

Alert Settings Dialog Box

  1. Set the conditions upon which to be alerted:
  • New events introduced to the View
  • Thresholds exceeded.
  1. Choose the alert channel and set limitations as required.
    For example, if you define a View for NullPointerExceptions, set an alert to know exactly whenever a new NullPointerException is detected anywhere into your environment by turning on new event.

The bell icon beside a View name indicates that an alert is configured for that View.


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