Install a Collector on Windows


Installing the Collector on a Separate Machine

The Windows installer installs logical artifacts for both the Collector and the Micro-Agent. Because we're using the Collector on a separate machine we won't use the Micro-Agent installed with the Collector..

Note that the Collector can support up to 150 concurrent JVMs.

  1. Click here to download and run the OverOps installer.
    Note that the OverOps MSI deploys the relevant files (.dll, libs, db) under the OverOps directory (C:\Takipi by default). In addition, the MSI sets environment variables for the CLR used by the IIS to load the Micro-Agent.


Software and Hardware Requirements

OverOps requires 64bit Windows and 64bit Java. Refer to the OverOps Installation Prerequisites for details. In addition, verify that Java is already installed before you begin the Collector installation.

  1. In the installer, enter your installation key, provided by OverOps.
  2. Click Next
  3. Click the Advanced... button if you need to
    Set a proxy,
    Provide a manual path to Java,
    * Choose a different installation location than C:\Takipi
    otherwise click Install and go to Step 5.

4a. Browse or enter the path to your Java installation and click Next
4b. Enter your proxy settings or if not required click Next
4c. Provide your alternative installation path and click "Install" to finish the installation
When the installation completes, continue with the following steps:
5. Open the file in the Takipi folder and add takipi.listen.port:<listen_port> at the end of the file.
6. Replace <listen_port> with the port the Collector will listen to for inbound requests from the Micro-Agents.


Default Port

OverOps uses Port 6060 as default! Make sure to populate the takipi.listen.port even when using the default port.



Write down the Port number you selected and Domain Name / IP Address of the machine you installed the Collector on. You'll need this information when setting up the Micro-Agent.

  1. Go to Windows Services and find the Takipi service.
  2. Restart the Takipi Service to verify that the port change takes effect.

Silent installation instructions

see here