Monitor / Exclude 3rd Party Libraries


OverOps is specifically designed to find errors within your code. As a result, it automatically ignores a base list of known packages (e.g. java.lang, scala.lang, org.eclipse, org.apache, etc…). If you wish to override OverOps' base list and monitor these packages or any others, you have the option to do so. Please note that overwriting the base list means that you will have to manually tell OverOps to monitor your personal code packages as well.

Monitoring or Excluding 3rd Party Libraries

To overwrite the base list and move to an include/exclude mode:

  1. Open Settings by clicking Settings in the top right corner of the OverOps dashboard.

This opens the Settings dashboard for the environment you're in (you can see the environment in the upper left corner of the screen).

  1. Select "Filter Code" in the side menu.

The 3rd Party Settings Menu

  1. To exclude your personal/company code packages and the 3rd party packages, enter them in the field marked “Treat the following packages and classes as 3rd party code”.
    These can be two sets of multiple values, for example. 'value,value1' or 'value;value1. To enter multiple values, enter them separated by a space and comma or separated by a semi-colon without a space.
  2. If you'd like to get events from other packages outside your code, enter the code packages you'd like to monitor in the 'Tracked Packages' section.

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