Upgrading the SaaS Collector and Micro-Agent on Your Local PC/Laptop

OverOps releases application updates periodically. The new features and updates are described in the relevant Release Notes. When adding important updates to the OverOps Agent/Controller, the web application prompts you to upgrade.

Upgrading OverOps

The Newer version available option in the Settings menu indicates that a new version of OverOps is available.
The update process is identical to the installation process you performed for your first server.

To upgrade OverOps:

  1. Stop the Collector.
  2. From Settings, click Newer version available and choose your setup.

Installation Wizard

  1. Copy the wget line for Linux and then append the --local_collector to it:
    wget -O - -o /dev/null http://get.takipi.com | sudo bash /dev/stdin -i --sk=<demo key> --local_collector
  2. Use this one-liner to install the Collector as a local Collector.


Uninstalling OverOps not required...

There’s no need to uninstall OverOps before running the update, the new version overrides the previous version. During the upgrade procedure, the state is preserved, as well as any configuration changes made in takipi.properties file and only the binaries are upgraded. If for various reasons a re-installation is required (un-install and re-install) this will erase the state, properties, and installation key. Please follow the Re-Installing OverOps instructions.



If you’ve set up automatic installation for your servers with Chef or Puppet, OverOps will upgrade automatically.

  1. Start the Collector.
  2. When the installation is complete, restart the running JVMs for the upgrade to take effect. If you can’t restart them immediately, OverOps monitors those JVMs and will automatically upgrade at restart.