Missing Slowdown Snapshots



Slowdown snapshots are currently supported only on the JVM languages listed here.

If you've reached this page this means that the event you clicked (either from the OverOps Home or by using the OverOps Reliability Dashboards) was not found, and you've received the “Event not found” message and have been redirected here.

This could be the result of one of the following causes:

  • The "Automatic entry point timers” UDF is disabled or has not been set - in this case check the UDF status in the “Auto Timers” Alert Setting.
  • The OverOps Micro-Agent flag for using the new timers feature has not been enabled; add the flag as specified here:

When you run the Micro Agent:


java -Xmx2G -agentlib:TakipiAgent -Dtakipi.parallax -jar myapp.jar

Or you can set this parameter in the agent properties files:


If this issue persists and no timer events are being captured or found, please contact the OverOps support team.