OverOps for Java on Linux

This article walks you through the process of installing OverOps on your laptop or local PC Java application using Linux.


The procedure for installing a local Collector (with a Micro-Agent) on Linux is similar to the process of installing a regular Collector except for the additional requirement to append the flag --local_collector to the wget one-liner.

Here is a video describing that process

Installing the Linux Collector on Your PC or Laptop

  1. After registration, the OverOps web application opens automatically.
  2. In the OverOps Event Explorer, enter CTRL+k.
    This displays the Installation Keys window.
  1. Go to the key you wish to use for the installation and click the Install on another machine icon:

This opens the Install OverOps window.

  1. Copy the wget line for Linux and then append the flag --local_collector to it in the following way:
    wget -O - -o /dev/null http://get.takipi.com | sudo bash /dev/stdin -i --sk=<demo key> --local_collector
  2. Run the one-liner as a command on the machine to install the Linux Collector and Java Micro-Agent.

Attach the Micro-Agent to Your Application

  1. Follow the steps to attach the Java Micro-Agent. After the connection is established, the application status will show that OverOps is active.
  2. Verify that your application throws exceptions.