Install a Collector on Linux for a .NET Agent

This section describes the OverOps Collector installation on Linux.


  1. Before installing the Collector, verify that these software and hardware requirements are in place.
  2. Verify that Java is installed.
  3. You'll need an installation key for this procedure:
    • If you reached this article from the OverOps application, you were provided a key before reaching this document.
    • You can also get this key by going to the Settings page, clicking Manage Environments in the top right corner, and copying the installation key of the environment that you're installing.

Remember when copying and pasting the command lines from the Install the Collector procedure below to verify that all the characters are copied correctly.

Set the Collector Port

Select a TCP port to connect to the Collector port <COLLECTOR_PORT>.
Verify that the <COLLECTOR_PORT> is not blocked by any firewall.

Install the Collector

  1. wget the installation script for the Collector:
    wget --content-disposition
    This will download the installation script for the latest Collector version takipi-installer-<VERSION> ('here VERSION is the version ID)
  2. Make the script executable - chmod 755 takipi-installer-<VERSION>
  3. Run the installation script (fill the installation key and the collector port in the command below)
    sudo ./takipi-installer-<VERSION> -i --installer_url= --sk=<INSTALLATION_KEY> --listen_port=<COLLECTOR_PORT>

Verify the Installation

Verify that the takipi-service is running:
ps -ef | grep takipi

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Install a Collector on Linux for a .NET Agent

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