Install .NET Using Puppet


Puppet is a configuration management tool that's used for deploy, configuring and managing servers. This is useful for scaling and installing, for example if you want to install the OverOps Micro-Agent on many different computers using a series of commands.


For the .NET Micro-Agent and integration with Windows, the only requirement is to have a separate machine for the remote Collector.


Integrating Puppet with Windows

With releases 4.50, Puppet has been integrated with OverOps to work with Windows using the .NET Micro-Agent, and installed on separate machine (aka a remote Collector).

Usage of the .Net Micro-Agent

Copy the OverOps module to the Puppet modules path (for example C:\Program Files\Puppet Labs\Puppet\puppet\modules\takipi).

include takipi
class {'::takipi':
    secret_key  => 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY',
    collector_host => 'YOUR_COLLECTOR_IP',
    collector_port => 'YOUR_COLLECTOR_PORT',
    windows_temp_dir => 'C:\users\Administrator\Downloads',


secret_key - Your Overops secret key/installation key
collector_host - IP of the remote Collector
collector_port - Port of the remote Collector
windows_temp_dir - Temporary directory for msi downloading. Default - is C:\users\Administrator\Downloads, please verify it exists and if not, set the path accordingly.

source - A foreign URL from which to fetch the Overops msi

How does OverOps Affect the Installation when Using Puppet?

  • Removes the previous .NET Micro-Agent.
  • Downloads and installs an msi of the Micro-Agent.

Related Documentation

The OverOps Puppet module is available at where you'll find additional detailed instructions.