OverOps for .NET


The OverOps .NET Micro-Agent monitors .NET applications by attaching to a running application or environment, detecting errors and problems, thereby providing you with a comprehensive view of your application's performance.

To this end, OverOps developed a Common-language Runtime Profiler (CLRP) that enables it to expand its installation capabilities and to enable customers to install OverOps using a .NET-based installation. In addition to the CLRP, the .NET installation includes a number of parameters that are required to run the CLRP properly. Like the Java-based installation, the .NET-based installation is straightforward and requires a limited number of steps.

The CLRP is a dynamic link library (DLL), which is comprised of functions that receive messages from and send messages to the CLR by using the profiling API. The CLRP DLL is loaded by the CLR during runtime. The profiling API provides information about a variety of events, actions, and logged errors that occur in the CLR. OverOps uses this information to analyze execution code in real-time.

The .NET Micro-Agent supports both .NET Framework and .NET Core, installs as a standalone on your laptop and works with Azure- Server, PC, and cloud - Azure AppService - through NuGet. The Micro-Agent can also be installed with a remote machine (using NuGet or MSI).



Note that OverOps requires 64-bit operating systems.

Install .NET on Your QA, Performance or Pre-Prod Environment Server

To take advantage of the full potential of OverOps and install it on one of your .NET applications in a QA, Performance or Production environment, you'll need to install a Collector first and then a .NET Micro-Agent.

Choose from one of the options for installing a Collector for .NET:

You an also choose to install a Multi-Environment Collector, which enables you to on-board new applications and functional groups in an easy and repeatable way.

Choose from one of the options for installing a .NET Micro-Agent:

3. Attach the .NET Micro-Agent

Attach the .NET Micro-Agent to your application by following the steps in the article Attach the .NET Micro-Agent for Windows.

Optional: Install OverOps for .NET Using the Puppet Configuration Management Tool

From version 4.50 and later, OverOps supports installing OverOps for .NET using Puppet. See Install .NET Using Puppet for details.