Manage Environments


Settings are set per environment, so that if you have multiple environments, you'll need to specify the settings for each one. Because users may often work on a multiple environments, OverOps created the Manage Environments feature, which lets you switch between environments in one central location from within the Settings dashboard.

Using the Manage Environments Feature

  1. Open Settings by clicking Settings in the top right corner of the OverOps dashboard.

This opens the Settings dashboard for the environment you're in (you can see the environment in the upper left corner of the screen).

  1. To switch to another environment, click Manage Environments. This opens the Environments window.

Manage Environments

  1. For each environment listed, you can now configure settings or set alerts. See Settings Dashboard and Managing Alerts for details.

  2. To search for a specific environment by name/ID, enter the environment details in the search box and click Add.