Microsoft Azure Boards


OverOps integrates with Microsoft Azure Boards by creating new work items as events are detected. This functionaly is delivered as an User Defined Function (UDF) which can be downloaded on our GitHub page here:


Prerequisites for Integrating OverOps with Microsoft Azure Boards

To ensure a smooth install you may first want to gather the following information up front:

  • Have a good understanding of how to install and setup UDFs
  • Gather Microsoft Azure Boards server information:
  • Azure URL if you are using an on-premise installation
  • User account that will be associated with new tickets
  • User authentication token
    • At a minimum the token needs Read & write permissions for Work Items
  • User or Organization new work items will be created under
  • Project new work items will be created under

Installing the Microsoft Azure Boards UDF

  1. Deterime when you want the UDF to fire. For example; you may not want to fire on all Alerts; but rather only new ones for the week. In this example you can open up the Favorites section and hover over the New This Week option. This gives a context menu from which Add Alerts can be selected.


Securtiy Tip

It is advised to create a non-shared view to prevent other users from seeing the authentication token needed to communicate to Azure Boards.

  1. In this dialog we select When a new event is introduced into this view as well as Function
  1. In the Function dropdown select Upload. This will open up the following dialog where you can browse for the udf-azure-board-_____.jar previously downloaded. Once this is uploaded click Done
  1. Now that the Azure Boards UDF is uploaded it is available in the Function dropdown. Select it and proceed to fill out all required properties. For an up-to-date list of properties and what they do visit:



Make sure a green validation messages is displayed before clicking Save & Finish


Now when a New event is fired you should see a new Work Item in Microsoft Azure Boards.