Upgrade the Java Micro-Agent for Linux

Upgrading the Java Micro-Agent for Linux

  1. From https://app.overops.com/app/download?t=sa-tgz, download the Micro-Agent installation TAR file
    wget --content-disposition "https://app.overops.com/app/download?t=sa-tgz"

    wget --content-disposition "$TAKIPI_HOST:8080/app/download?t=sa-tgz"

  2. Make a note of the owner:group and permissions of the takipi folder and subfolders

  3. Take a backup of the agent.properties file

  4. Shut down the JVM application that has the agent enabled

  5. Extract files to your working folder (by default we install in `/opt):
    tar -xvf <downloaded tar.gz file> -C /opt



If you don't have permission to the /opt directory please untar the file with sudo.


Owner of takipi folder

We strongly recommend changing the <owner:group> of the takipi folder to be the same as the <owner:group> under which you run your application to avoid any permissions issues!

  1. Validate the owner:group and permissions are correct
    Change as required by running the following command:
    sudo chown -R <owner:group> /opt/takipi
    sudo chmod ...

  2. Start the application JVM
    (it should be already configured to point to the collector from previous install)
    Watch logs for any warnings or errors

  3. Verify functionality in OO dashboard
    Verify your upgrade