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Deleting User Data

OverOps provides a user deletion tool that fully removes users and their data from our system (this tool is also designed to meet GDPR regulations).

User data is deleted through an admin-cli command by super admin users as follows.


  • The user deletion will delete all user data unless the user is the owner of a service or environment, in which case the ownership must be transferred to another user prior to deleting.
  • If the Global Jira credentials are connected to the user you're trying to delete, then the deletion will not occur. Instead, you'll receive a notification that the user manages the Global Jira settings for the specific service (so that deleting the user will stop the Jira integration for the environment). In this case, to delete this user and move the Jira settings and credentials to the owner of the environment, you'll need to use the Boolean (true/false) flag transfer_global_jira_settings . admin-cli delete_user <username> <transfer_global_jira_settings>

Example: admin-cli delete_user [email protected] true



Any previous settings or credentials the owner has will be overwritten.