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Add an Environment

When signing up to OverOps, you're automatically issued an installation key for your first environment, which will be monitored by OverOps. Look for an email from [email protected] for your automatically issued signup key.

Unless you are part of an organization that is already using OverOps, and you have not yet created an OverOps user, create a User to receive your installation key.

Adding Environments

To add more environments in addition to the one automatically assigned to you at signup:

  1. Click Settings in the top navigation bar. This opens the Environments window.
  2. Click Manage Environments to open the Manage Environments window.

Managing Environments

  1. Add a new environment by entering its name and clicking Add.

For On-Premises Data Installations Only - Convert your Environment to On-Premises Data

Contact your OverOps support team and request that the OverOps key name be converted to On-Premises Data. For this purpose, provide the following:

  • Account name (the service owner’s email)
  • Service name (first part of the key, e.g.: S12345)
  • Hostname or IP address of the Storage Server (<STORAGE_IP>).
    After installation, this may be self-updated by admin users.