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What's New in 4.55

Release Notes


An issue detected in release 4.47 related to the secure communication update introduced in this release may cause a stability issue with the Collector. Therefore, we recommend updating your solution to the latest (at least 4.48 or above) version as soon as possible.


Security Updates

The 4.53.x and newer releases includes several important security enhancements and security vulnerabilities fixes related to SAML integration. Customers using SAML and SSO to authenticate & authorize need to take several actions when upgrading the backend with any of these releases, while SaaS customers are required to contact our Support to review and update their SAML settings.
For more information on the specific updates and required steps read here.

4.55.1 Dec 15, 2020


  • SaaS optimizations

4.55 Nov 17, 2020


  • Bug fixes:
  • Improving Agent stability in specific edge cases related to memory allocation
  • Added a mechanism to prevent collecting hits and stats of any kind until we get the initial settings from the collector or that we have loaded a valid settings file from disk
  • Fixed an issue for the Java 10,11 Agent with the Agent’s hashing on a specific setup which caused some hits to be ignored
  • RPM for Agent added support with and takipi.short.url.prefix options (in when upgrading
  • Added ExposedLeasedReport.* to our blacklist (known 3rd party libraries for which information isn’t collected)
  • Forced-Snapshot is now supported for the Java 10,11 Agent as well


  • Bug fixes:
  • Improving the data retention storage cleanup in cases were some data files were still being accumulated on the storage and additionally handling cleanup of older archived logs of Collector & Agent as per the data retention (for more information read here)
  • Upgrading internal 3rd party libraries


  • New features:
  • AWS S3 Variable Store now supported with AWS Lambda
  • Agent properties can be used to control source attach
  • Updates:
  • Trial users now have unlimited events for the trial period
  • Bug fixes (SaaS):
  • OverOps now able to retrieve tags & branches from On-Premises GitHub/GitLab
  • Minor improvements in UI of specific JIRA error messages