What's New in 4.48

Release Notes

An issue detected in release 4.47 related to the secure communication update introduced in this release may cause a stability issue with the Collector. Therefore, we recommend updating your solution to the latest 4.48 version and above as soon as possible.

4.48.1 March 5, 2020


Added more safeguards to prevent the Collector from getting into a stuck state where it doesn’t report any new hits or stats.

4.48 February 19, 2020

On-Premises Installation

In this version, we’ve added the option of installing the On-Premises component - the CR server - using two Linux package managers: RPM Package Manager (RPM) or Deb Package Manager.
The RPM is intended for RedHat and Centos Linux operating systems, while the Deb Package Manager is intended for Debian and Ubuntu Linux operating systems.

To learn more about these installers, check out the articles Install a CR Server Using the RPM Installer and Install a CR Server Using the Deb Installer. For instructions on how to install, go to the article Install a Collector and Java Micro-Agent Using RPM or Deb.

In addition, we’ve implemented the Systemd Linux Service Manager, a suite of basic building blocks for a Linux system. Also added options to run the On-Premises installation by a specific user/group, and to configure the storage/temp/logs directories. See Systemd Linux Service Manager and Customizing the Directory Path for On-Premises Installations for details.


  • Updated the flow of generating a new installation key in the Event Explorer - the user is now redirected to Settings/Manage Environments where he or she can create the new key. When the new environment is created successfully, the user is redirected to the OverOps app home with the new environment selected (see Generate an Installation Key.
  • Fixes and improvements to the Sync Jira UDF:
    • Added the ability to choose a “Status” or “Resolution” Jira field (using the resolutionOrStatus field
    • Added the ability to optionally sync “Hidden”, “Resolved” or both
    • Bug fixes
  • Backend optimizations, such as:
    • Reducing RAM utilization during hit cleanup
    • Optimizing CPU utilization during idle time or low load
    • Improving backend subtasks and process management
    • Reducing threads allocation
    • Redis optimization update
  • Backend updates to support .NET:
    • Updated the way in which we detect swallowed exceptions to support exception variable declarations for .NET core applications.
    • Added support to record unsigned values in the ARC screen
    • Added support to categorize swallowed exceptions correctly

Backend (On-Premises)

  • As part of troubleshooting cases where the Collector’s state becomes unresponsive due to existing data processing issues, OverOps has implemented a method for wiping the Collector’s data without losing the Collector configuration. See Wiping a Collector's Data (On-Premises Linux Collector) for details.
  • Added Tomcat-access logs and additional log files (to learn more about the log locations, see see Viewing On-Premises Logs)
  • Implemented additional performance optimizations


  • In the Env View, the section that displays the Java process now includes the Micro-Agent version as well.
  • Linux installation - When the user specifies the Collector port, this selection is now reflected in the agent properties ( file) that are downloaded with the Collector.
  • Added the Jira issue ID to the 'View Jira Issue' tooltip
  • Bug fixes:
    • Catalina.log recycling
    • Fixed an issue where an owner appeared twice in the team members when opening a new environment
    • Automatic refresh of method source code in the ARC screen when the source code is ready

Java Micro Agent

  • Added an API command option to disable the OverOps Micro agent on a group of applications / group of servers at any point if required. Note that this option is currently supported only for the Java Micro-Agent (not .NET).This capability is currently not supported on the Java 10 and 11 and J9 Micro-Agent.
  • Java 10 and 11 and J9 Micro-Agent: Implemented additional performance optimizations
  • Secure encrypted communication between the OverOps Collector and Micro-Agent is now supported on AIX in addition to Windows and Linux.
  • Added support for Java 8 u 232
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed an issue in the Collector that prevented processing events from many Micro-Agents, and also reduced the input/output usage of the Collector
    • Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect line number in decompiled source code
    • Improved the Micro-Agents’ footprint on the disk upon shutdown
    • Fixed an issue with presenting corrupted variable state. This doesn’t fix tales that are already open but will apply to any new tale that’s opened. The fix requires a restart of the Backend only (not the Collector or Micro-Agent)

.NET Micro-Agent

  • Added support for .NET Core 3.0 to the supported versions of .NET
  • Starting from this release, the .NET Micro-Agent is fully incorporated into the OverOps release process, sharing the same version number and download links.


Because .Net has been added to the installer, you'll need to perform a full uninstall of the previous version and then reinstall of the new version. This limitation is true for any upgrade from any version prior to 4.48 to any version from 4.48 and later.

  • Implemented improvements and bug fixes in the .NET decompilation process, such as limiting the number of threads.
  • When using an IIS web application,the application pool name is detected automatically and applied to the name of the application; see Naming the .NET Application for details.


  • Jira integration: For both New and Resurfaced Jira Alerts, added the following fields, and improved visibility:
    • Error
    • Location
    • First seen
    • Stack-trace preview
  • Added support for the SonarQube plugin integration; see SonarQube Integration for details.
  • Updated the OverOps Quality Report to display a summary that shows the quality gate, its status (passed/failed), and the total for four quality gates: New, Resurfaced, Critical, and Increasing.

Settings Console

In the Settings console - Storage function, the warning dialog when turning on the hybrid storage toggle has been updated.

Trial Installation Wizard (SaaS Deployments only)

  • Adding support for switching between environments for SaaS trial users who are members of multiple environments.
  • The installation status is displayed to the user during the installation progress
  • Minor improvements / bug fixes:
    • Clarified to the user that they need to attach OverOps to one of their applications
    • Retained values between the wizard steps
    • Updated wizard texts based on user testing
  • Users are no longer redirected to the OverOps application web page upon completing a Windows/macOS installation.

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What's New in 4.48

Release Notes

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